Hello world, what have you been up to?

I can’t remember the last time I actually blogged, might’ve been in the days when blogging wasn’t a thing – I coded my own weblog site, wrote a few and then subsequently received an invitation to the principal’s office as the school tried to shut down the site. That was high school.

I guess I never really liked blogging – it reminds me of the millions upon millions of lives on this planet the journals of which will be forever forgotten once they stop breathing. Blogs, lacking in conceptual associations or organization, the chronological order that they come in might just be the perfect reminder for the order in which we should forget them. I never liked that realization.

It has been 15 years since I started coding. I taught myself the basics from this book about the internet that my dad purchased back in ’98 but never got around to reading it himself. HTML, Javascript, Java and eventually C/C++, using which earned myself some book money, bought my high school crush a dozen of roses, and they opened myself to a different world of more deliberative and experimental nature – perhaps an escape from the staleness of scholastic rituals with adolescent social incompatibility, there were already too many questions in my mind in midst of the SATs, I had to start somewhere.

Do people really change? I don’t believe so, not anymore. In 15 years, what changed, other than the appearances, are perhaps the relative weight¬†I now lend to psychology as a basis of the perceivable world, as opposed to mathematical transcendental. In midst of all this progression, I experimented with technology (Robotics, AI, Human-computer interaction), some philosophy (mostly empiricism, epistemology and causal logic), some psychology (cognitive and educational), some arts (dancing and music) and in the end I was a wielder of none but the realization of that I’m a lot better at explaining and deriving meaning from intellectualism than to be a substantial contributor to the community myself.

During this time, I started and sold a company, LearnBop, one that took an idea (mass-scale managed crowd-sourcing of intelligent tutoring systems) I entertained 8 years ago and actualized it in the form of a business. Temporarily strayed away from my original aspiration to be an academic, one thing remained certain – I don’t think I ever stopped being a student of a sort. Maybe no one ever stopped.

So why am I starting to blog again? I figured if I’m a student, I ought to keep better notes of what I learn. I don’t see any prospect in publishing, I’ve published a couple of times (a book, couple of papers, magazine articles) and believe me it’s more trouble than it’s worth in every case. Perhaps one day it will be a fun read for a curious mind, as a source of inspiration and not instruction. No path was ever meant to lead, other than the mind of the walker aspiring to a particular end.

With that said, if you see breadcrumbs, it wasn’t that I’m leaving a trail to lead myself home, nope, it’s a trail of crumbs left by a mortal eating outside the comfort of an intellectual home.¬†There never was a home, as the realities you and I perceive, be them different or similar, are holograms of our experiences and dictated beliefs.